Re: [LT Infomail#5] Booth map, Internet, Network, Power, Deliveries, Sleeping

From: Till Kamppeter <>
Date: Mon Jun 21 2004 - 10:00:25 CEST

Martin Schulze wrote:
> 5. Deliveries to LinuxTag
> Up to now, only Debian told me about packages they get shipped
> directly to LinuxTag. If no other project has deliveries,
> fine. However, if other projects also get packages shipped directly
> to LinuxTag, please let me know in advance, so I have a chance to
> properly route them to your booth. Please see the FAQ item for
> details.

I have checked with HP again today and they will deliver the two inkjet
printers for our OfficeProductivity booth. The delivery is most probably
done by UPS tomorrow (Tuesday).

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