Fwd: Euro LUGs network project started

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Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 19:14:37 CEST


    Euro LUGs network project started

    Topic: Linux, News and Trends, Software, Operating Systems

    Fabrizio Sebastiani[1] writes," The Euro LUGs project is started,
    the union of all European Linux User Groups."

    Some European LUG met in Brussel last 15 april for the anti
    software patent demostration in the European Parlament.

    They agreed to create a network of all LUGs and other similar
    associations in the open source and free software european land.

    The goal is to coordinate events, organize common actions,
    expecially for the European Instititions, share informations and
    announcements, create initiatives and so on.

    A mail list had been created: a representative for each LUG is
    invited to partecipate to the the network.

    Join now!

    Read more at kwiki.ffii.org[2]?

    1. mailto:fabrizio@bzimage.it
    2. http://kwiki.ffii.org/index.cgi?EuroLugsAnnounceEn



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