From: Mrs. Atinuke Ige (ige@ad-free.info)
Date: Sat Nov 23 2002 - 02:17:26 CET

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    Attn; Dear Friend,
    From Mrs. Atinuke Ige

     I am Atinuke Ige, wife of the late Minister for Justice of Nigeria
    who was brutally murdered in cold blood before Christmas last year.
    In as much as I don t hav previous correspondence with you but after
    consultation with my family close associate, who is a career
    diplomat, I strongly believe in your ability and capability to assist
    me in this time of need. Before the demise of my husband, he was
    having problem with the government of Nigeria ruled by the people’s
    Democratic Party (PDP).

    Although my husband was appointed minister in as much as he was not
    from the ruling political party he was a member of the alliance for
    democracy (AD), for short the opposition party. Based on my husband's
    radical and mass oriented ideas and principles, his support for the
    eradication of official corruption in our politics, his support for
    constitutional conference and resource control he became a threat to
    the government of the day.

    To make matters worse, he was given cash gift of US$21 million to buy
    his conscience, the money he rejected and tendered his resignation to
    the government as Minister of Justice and instructed me to return the
    money to the government agents that brought it to our house for he
    has notified them. Unfortunately he was assassinated and the money
    not yet collected. After his burial the government agents that
    brought the money came to our house asking for The money. I told them
    I don't know where my late husband kept the money.

    I therefore contacted my personal attorney over the development and
    he helped me to deposit this money in a security company in my
    country Nigeria for safekeeping and was deposited as containing
    personal valuable and confidential documents. All I need from you is
    to assist me claim this money for investment overseas.

    This matter needs urgency because I am being harassed about this
    money. Upon receipt of your willingness to assist me claim this money
    I will then connect you to my personal attorney who will handle the
    transaction on my behalf. And as soon as this money leaves Nigeria I
    will travel out to seek asylum either in Europe or America. My
    attorney will then fax to you copy of the certificate of deposit and
    power of attorney to enable you claim this consignment.

    This arrangement is almost finalized all I need is your willingness
    to assist and your full cooperation then this money will be in your
    possession. I await your urgent reply with your telephone and fax
    number and mobile number.

     Looking forward to a long lasting business relationship.

     Yours truely

    Mrs. Atinuke Ige

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