[hgonzalez@questionexchange.com] QuestionExchange Close Down

From: Siggy Brentrup (bsb@winnegan.de)
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 09:51:14 CEST

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    hier die Mail, von der ich gestern sprach. Bis dahin wusste ich auch
    nicht, dass questionexchange.com was mit VA Linux zu tun hat.


    attached mail follows:

    Dear Siggy (bsb),

    Due to the changing economic climate, and change of focus within VA Linux,
    QuestionExchange.com will be closing at the end of July. We thank you
    for your support and participation over the last couple of years and regret
    this necessary step.

    Should you have any question please contact us at: info@questionexchange.com.


    Hector Gonzalez
    Director - QuestionExchange

    Siggy Brentrup - bsb@winnegan.de - http://www.winnegan.de/
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