Hello, Linux lovers!

From: gmate@gmate.com
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 10:48:00 CEST

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    Hello, Linux lovers!

    We at G.Mate, Inc. have researched and developed Embedded Linux PDA
    uninterruptedly. We have also been running the developer site for
    activating Linux environment and for sharing invaluable knowledge and
    thoughts of all Linux developers in the world. To add more useful
    contents and more convenient interfaces, we have renewed the developer
    site ( www.yopydeveloper.org <http://www.yopydeveloper.org> ) with our
    mind hoping to serve each of you sincerely. It must be from G.Mate,
    Inc.'desire for making outstanding development of Mobile Linux area
    through discussing new technologies of the area freely in this site.

    We are also willing to do our best for working together with all of you
    with our new edging technology. We wish that every single developer in
    the world can direct his or her eyes to the site and talk together and
    advise us for the Linux world.

    Best Regards

    G.Mate, Inc. www.gmate.com <http://www.gmate.com>

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