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Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 21:25:21 CEST

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    Do YOU need help or know somebody who needs
    help with any of the following addictions?

    drug addiction
    ADHD (attention hyperdeficit disorder)
    sugar or carbohydrate bingeing

    Reasearch has shown successfully throughout
    history that there is help.

    In 1990 Dr. Kenneth Blum discovered the gene
    for alcoholism. This led to amazing research
    in the treatment for all of the formentioned
    addictions. Yes, ADHD is a form of addiction
    and we can prove it.

    Dr. Kenneth Blum is the Father of Psychiatric genetics.
    He is also credited with discovering the gene for
    cocaine addiction.

    In 1995 he coined RDS, Reward Deficiency Syndrome, which
    will forever change our world.

    Steve Allen the media great is quoted as saying " with
    regard to my former show where I interview the greatest
    minds-today I would interview Dr. Blum, whose research
    on the genetics of alcoholism will change the world as
    we see it today."

    Dr. Kenneth Blum who has been in private practice his entire
    career is finally going to help the public. He recently put
    global patents on 7 products that will completely change the
    world of addiction. His products that are 100 percent natural
    are finally ready.

    This is no internet scam or some mlm company. These are products
    that help people control their lives, that is produced by one of
    the most well known, most respected doctors in the medical industry.

    If you are interested in these products or learning about addiction
    on Dr. Blums new website please send me an email asap to with the subject "help" or click below

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