Re: Appologies from Red Hat

From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 22:59:56 CEST

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            Joey wrote:
    > Dear Mr. Schulze,
    > Red Hat does regret any unintentional intrusion into your personal
    > privacy. We are working with the contacts for Linux Users Groups and
    > asking them for their help with informing their LUG about Red Hat
    > TechWorld Brussels. There may have been an error in the transmission of
    > the email, and you might not have received the entire message. If this
    > is the case, again we apologize. The rest of the message asked that the
    > LUG Contact distribute flyers to members of his or her LUG group, and
    > receive a Red Hat fedora in return for those efforts. If you were
    > mistakenly contacted in our efforts to reach the contact for Oldenburger
    > Linux-Stammtisch we sincerely apologize for our error.
    > Best Regards,
    > Julie Tarleton
    > Marketing Coordinator

    This is Linux Country.  On a quiet night, you can hear Windows reboot.

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