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From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 21:37:30 CEST

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    > Dear Linux enthusiast:
    > Red Hat is hosting Red Hat TechWorld Brussels and we want to involve
    > your Linux Users Group in all of the excitement. We will be bringing
    > the industry's elite together in the spirit of open source. Red Hat
    > TechWorld Brussels will be held September 17-18, 2001, at the Brussels
    > Expo in Brussels, Belgium.

    [reomved some more 40 lines]

    This mail did *spam* a couple of mailing lists for LUGs, among them,,,Linux-Stammtisch@Infodrom.North.DE, etc.

    Does RedHat need to spam Linux users these days? This is the first time
    I've received SPAM directly from a address and not from a
    reseller, but I've received at least two RH-Spams from a reseller already.
    Neiter these mails nor this mail about TechWorld was requested. But I'm
    sure that RHTW is out of question now.

    I always thought that the Linux Community, especially their major
    players, like what I thought RedHat was, would use the medium
    better and honor peoples privacy and don't spam users.

    I hope that this was an exception and not the rule!


            a pissed user from Oldenburg

    This is Linux Country.  On a quiet night, you can hear Windows reboot.

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