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Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 13:38:31 CEST

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    G.Mate, Inc. is one of leading companies which has developed the world's
    first Linux Color PDA.

    From January 21, 2001, we have been selling the YOPY Development Kit to
    activate the development of applied programs and to enlarge Linux
    environment with enthusiastic works of the Linux supporters and the
    Most of the purchasers from 30 countries of the world have acknowledged
    that the YDK is a great device for developing various applications.

    We are going to sell the YDK for a special sale price for the limited
    period from April 11 to May 10, 2001 in order to thank the people for
    their purchase of the YDK and to expand the Linux environment more.

    The YDK-1000 includes not only the YOPY device itself but also YOPY
    software development and Linux source package solution.

    By sharing Linux PDA solution G.Mate has developed with the developers
    we hope let the developers have an opportunity to cut down their
    precious time and expense and create useful and various applications.

    Please click the following address for more information.

    Thanks a lot,

    CEO & President
    Jae-Heon Lee

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