We need your help!

From: Marc Lev (myanxiety@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 00:35:26 CET

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    Dear Friend,

    We are forming a non-profit group called, My Anxiety. we are forming this
    non-profit group to help people deal with Anxiety and realated disorders
    (Panic Disorders, Depression, Phobias, Alcoholism/Addiction, Bipolar
    Disorder, Suicide Prevention, OCD, ADD and Recovery ). We are also
    going to make
    funds available to people who
    need therapy and/or medications , but can not afford it.

    I need to ask you three favors:

    1, We need as many articles/papers on these subjects for re-print.

    2. We need members for our Board of Directors(people with a national
    reputation in there area) Feel free to nominate yourself or others.

    3. We need monetary donations of ANY size to help our program
    Please make out your donation to: My Anxiety, this will be a tax
    deductable donation! Please contribute, we need the operating funds.
    ANY amount would be appreciative. You tax deductable contribution
    would help us help others in need. Please send us anything that you can
    afford, Even a little helps a lot! Please help us with money given as grants
    for clinical research and help us facilitate therapy for those who can not
    afford it.

    We look forward to hearing from you!


    Marc L. Lev
    Doctoral Candidate in Psychology
    Founder/ Executive Director
    My Anxiety
    3621 Roland Avenue
    First Floor
    Baltimore, MD 21211
    (410) 558-4654

    PS Please allow us to help people break free from anxiety in 2001!
    Our two main goals at My Anxiety are to give research grants and to make
    money avalable to those that need therapy and/or medications, but could
    not otherwise afford it. Please ask us to tell you where our web site is

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