Multimedia Linux PDA "YOPY" Development Kit

Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 10:36:57 CET

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    Dear Sir or Ma'am
    We, at G.Mate Inc., have developed and manufactured PDA based on
    Embedded Linux OS since its foundation in November of 1998.
    The people from all of world paid great attention to our world-first
    multimedia PDA by the name of YOPY when it was exhibited in the CeBIT
    Show in Hanover of Germany and in the Comdex/Fall in Las Vegas of USA in
    February and November of 2000 respectively. Ever since we have been
    devoting all our energy to developing PDA integrating either Cellular
    module or Bluetooth module and to the mobile communication IMT-2000 PDA
    business for the next generation
    In order to make Linux supporters and developers enthusiastically
    participate in enlarging and developing the environment of Linux and
    applied programs, we have started to sell the development kit of
    multimedia PDA based on Linux from January 21, 2001 through our website
    ( <> ) and many people of the
    world have shown their interests and encouragement generously.
    The YDK product includes YOPY hardware, software environment, Linux
    Source Package Solution, etc. By sharing with you solutions and
    knowledge related to Embedded Linux PDA we have developed so far, we
    expect that there would be absolutely outstanding realization of
    desirable Linux environment and development of invaluable Linux PDA in
    the near future.

    Y D K (YOPY Development Kit. YDK-1000)

    * Embedded Linux Color PDA - YOPY
    * YOPY Development Kit for Linux Developers
    * Easy & Various Application Development Devices

    1. Intel StrongARM SA-1110 Microprocessor
    2. 32MB Flash Memory and 16MB SDRAM
    3. Sanyo 4.0", 320x240 resolution, 65K TFT-LCD/CCFL back-light
    4. Touch Screen
    5. USB port(Slave mode)
    6. IrDA port : supports SIR(up to 115.2Kbps) and FIR(4Mbps)
    7. 16-bit Stereo Sound CODEC
    8. Built-in Speaker and Microphone (Including Ear-Phone)
    9. CompactFlash Type II slot
    10. RS-232C Serial Port
    11. 1400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

    1. Linux Kernel 2.2.14-yopy3(kernel source and binary image)
    2. Boot Loader and Monitor Program
    3. Pre-compiled Linux System Binaries
    4. W Window System and Toolkit
    5. YOPY applications : Web Browser, Game, PIMS, MP3, etc
    6. Tool-chain
            GNU GCC compilers for C, C++
            GNU binary utilities
            (assembler, linker, various object file utilities)
            GNU C library

      YDK Configuration Contents
      Hardware and Accessories
         YOPY (Target Device)
         YOPY Cradle
         1400mAh Li-ion Battery
         Serial Cable
         Ear-Phone and Ear-Phone Connector Jack
         DC Adaptor with 100-240 free voltage input and 2.0A, 5.0V output
      Software and Manual CD
         Software Package
         YOPY Developer's Manual
         YOPY Users Manual
    For more information, please contact our site(


    3F, Kyundong Bldg. 4-4, Suenae-Dong, Pundang-Ku Sungnam-Si,
    Kyunggi-Do, Korea
    TEL:031)738-1230 FAX:031)738-1212 EMAIL :

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