ot: Strike to protest Wassenaar!

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Thu, 10 Dec 1998 14:37:34 +0100

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 subject: Global strike to protest Wassenaar
added by: Bob Glickstein <bobg@zanshin.com>
    time: 18:19
category: Community

This is a global call for computer professionals to strike on Monday, 14
December, 1998 to protest the signing of the Wassenaar Arrangement,
an international treaty that imposes new restrictions on cryptographic
software technology. The strike is meant to raise awareness about the
importance of cryptography, about the U.S. government's wrongheaded
attempts to curtail its use, and about the strong-arm tactics used by the
United States to pressure other countries into limiting their citizens' rights
the way it has limited its own.

o Strike to protest Wassenaar (http://www.zanshin.com/~bobg/)

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