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Linux Mall Announcement:
Red Hot Red Hat 5.1 Bundles Date: 05/26/1998

You've been waiting for months with bated breath. Now at last it's here!
Linux Mall proudly announces these brand new bundles with Red Hat Linux 5.1!

Alone, Red Hat 5.1 Official Linux for Intel has a Retail Price of $49.95,
but the Linux Mall Price is just $29.95!

To make it even sweeter, we've combined this hot new Linux distribution with
other products to make the following bundles:

* Red Hat Wrap: You can have your copy of Red Hat Linux securely wrapped
in an extra-large Penguin Power T-Shirt to protect it during shipping,
and then you can proudly wear this great Linux promoting T-Shirt as
Retail Prices add up to $69.90, but the Linux Mall Price is just
$39.00! http://www.LinuxMall.com/products/00707.html

* Or you can have the Red Hat Linux & Docs Bundle: Combine your copy of
Red Hat Linux with the freshly printed 6th edition of the Linux
Encyclopedia, published this spring. The book is a printed version of
the latest Linux Documentation Project, and is the most comprehensive
Linux reference book available.
The sum of the Retail Prices is $98.95, but the Linux Mall special
price is just $59.50! http://www.LinuxMall.com/products/00706.html

* Finally, we are so excited about this new Red Hat Linux release, we
have bent the rules of arithmetic. The very best deal is the "get it
all" Red Hat Celebration Bundle: This bundle includes everything in all
the bundles above, and more. And we will give it to you for nearly half
Included are:
1. Red Hat Linux 5.1, normally $49.95
2. Linux Encyclopedia, normally $49.00
3. the great new Penguin Power T-Shirt:, normally $19.95
4. and a bonus, The Linux Lovers Bumper Sticker, normally $4.00
5. and finally, a sheet of Linux Sticker Project Penguin Power
stickers! Normally $3.00
This adds up to not $125.95, not $99.95, not $79.95, but only $69.95!

So what new features does Red Hat 5.1 have?

Besides tons of bug fixes, here are just a few of the highlights from the
list of new and improved features:

* Linux Vending Machine - a cd full of lite/demo versions of applications
that run on Linux.
* Internationalization - now you can choose among many different
languages during install.
* DHCP networking
* SMB Installs - allows you to install from a Windows server.
* Improved Kickstart - helps with network installs.
* linuxconf - all the tools you need to configure your Linux system in
one place.
* Squid - web caching.

There is more to Red Hat 5.1, and this information is available at:

Linux Mall is taking orders now, and will begin shipping on or about June 1,
1998 on a first come, first served basis.

See http://www.LinuxMall.com/policy/ordering.html for our standard ordering
policies, including terms and limitations that apply to this and other Linux
Mall orders.

Get a free Linux CD with your purchase! Choose your favorite of the most
recent distributions. http://www.LinuxMall.com/FreeCD.html

Linux Mall has virtually any Linux product you could want. If you don't find
it, let us know.

Save even more (another 5%) by shopping with Linux Mall completely online at

You can also order by phone at 1-888-30LINUX, at 303-693-3321, by fax at
303-699-2793, by email at mailto:sales@LinuxMall.com , or by snail mail at
Linux Mall, PO Box 460190, Aurora, CO, 80046, USA.

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