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Marcus Herbert (rhoenie@chillout.org)
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 10:13:54 +0200

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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 10:13:54 +0200
From: Marcus Herbert <rhoenie@chillout.org>
To: linuxger@infofrom.north.de.mayn.de
Subject: [chillmail] [ivonoorh@xs4all.nl: [unix] Alpha dump mainboard]

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I just called the people selling the Alpha boards in .de. Its a .nl
company called :

ReQuest Automation Services B.V.
Postbus 182, 1400 AD Bussum
De Nieuwe Vaart 32
1401 GR Bussum, the Netherlands
Telephone: +31-(0)35-6949441
Fax: +31-(0)35-6946202
Email: sales@request.nl

Their url is www.request.nl.

The guy assured me there were boards available. The more knowledgeable
people were at the .de fair however.

This is not an endorsement. I don't know these poeple.

Ivo Noorhoff / klicx
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