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Jens Grabarske (grabarske@gmx.net)
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 20:02:03 -0100

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Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 20:02:03 -0100
From: Jens Grabarske <grabarske@gmx.net>
To: Othmar Pasteka <othmar@tron.priv.at>
Subject: Re: fwd: ANNOUNCEMENT: Linux for GGI


Othmar Pasteka wrote:
> Tag!
> Aeh, was ist GGI?? *dummfrag*

GGI = General Graphics Interface

Das Projekt beschaeftigt sich mit einer kompletten Reprogrammierung des
von Linux:

Q1-2: What is the GGI?
A1-2: It is a complete rewrite of the Linux console subsystem that
gives the standard Linux Virtual Consoles (VCs) pixel-graphics drawing
and display capabilities, an enhanced and flexible message-based
console IO subsystem, and a suite of GGI-native userspace libraries,
platforms, APIs, utilities and applications. See Section 2 for more
details on the design and structure of the GGI.
Q1-3: So why does the Linux console subsystem need redesigning?
A1-3: Well, the reason that the GGI project NEEDS to redesign it is
to implement support for graphics, which is not currently present.
However, there is also the fact that the current Linux console
subsystem has been around mostly unchanged since 1993. It is very
does not easily work with 'odd' input/output devices (Braille
readers, touchpads, exotic joysticks, USB devices, etc.).

Der Rest der GGI-FAQ und weitere Infos sind unter

> Apropos wer ist der Listmaintainer von linux.de?
> gruss
> Othmar aka Blinder


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