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From: kwr@kwr.hnv.com
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Recovering from the massive flame war on the linux-kernel mailing
list over GGI versus Linux, Linus Torvalds and top GGI coders today
have come to a landmark agreement. "Linux 2.2 will run on top of GGI,"
said Torvalds. "I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.
Now I can let the GGI people have their way, but I still get to keep GGI
out of the kernel. I don't even have to compromise and let KGI in."

While spokespeople for GGI were too busy gloating to comment, Microsoft
CEO Bill Gates was said to have made a noise somewhere between a chuckle
and a snort, before directing an assistant to "buy this GGI thing, whatever
it is."


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