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Date: 12 Jan 98 23:10:21 +0100
Subject: A-M$: Bloatware
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who was searching for shortcomings of M$ software?

here's one:

the current version of IIS is bloated to sixty-two MEGABYTES! That's 62 MB,
yes, exactly. Now, everyone who ever used it knows that IIS is not among the
top-ten webservers ever. That would be ok, but it's about 500 times larger than
comparable products! (Apache is about 180k, I think. It's far superior, but
it's only a WWW, no FTP included, so maybe comparable. Hawkeye doesn't have
quite as much functionality, but is about 175k and contains much more services
(WWW, FTP, SMTP, NNTP, POP3, Database functions) so maybe also comparable).

next thing: M$ is charging about $500 (I only know the german DM price, which
is 830,- DM, so about $500) just for the UPGRADE of its - do you sit? - Proxy
Server. A fucking Proxy Server, maybe worth $200, and they charge $500 if you
want to upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0 !

off course, it's bloated like hell. It also runs with IIS _only_, so it's not
even a real Proxy Server, let's say it's a patch to add a proxy service to IIS.
A bad one, I should add. One that gives a new meaning to M$'s "Zero
Administration" garbage - off course you've got 0 admin if there's about
nothing you can configure.

all these are examples from my daily work. If you want details, just ask.

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