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forcer (forcer@mindless.com)
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 00:12:20 +0100

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 00:12:20 +0100
From: forcer <forcer@mindless.com>
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Subject: Re: Holy Wars

>heute ist es kde. gestern waren es die irc clients,
>und vor langer zeit der perfekte editor, sccs<->cvs,
>der mail oder news reader, sendmail<->others,
>und was es sonst noch so gibt.
FreeBSD <-> Linux

:holy wars: /n./ [from {Usenet}, but may predate it]
/n./ {flame war}s over {religious issues}. The paper by Danny
Cohen that popularized the terms {big-endian} and
{little-endian} in connection with the LSB-first/MSB-first
controversy was entitled "On Holy Wars and a Plea for Peace".
Other perennial Holy Wars have included {EMACS} vs. {vi},
my personal computer vs. everyone else's personal computer,
{{ITS}} vs. {{Unix}}, {{Unix}} vs. {VMS}, {BSD} Unix
vs. {USG Unix}, {C} vs. {{Pascal}}, {C} vs.
FORTRAN, etc., ad nauseam. The characteristic that distinguishes
holy wars from normal technical disputes is that in a holy war
most of the participants spend their time trying to pass off
personal value choices and cultural attachments as objective
technical evaluations. See also {theology}.

Man beachte den letzten abschnitt ;)
>wir bemühen uns ein neues streit thema zu finden.
Besser nicht... ;))

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