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Hanno Wagner (wagner@beuel.rhein.de)
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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 22:18:37 +0100
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Halloele Leuts,
da einige nach einer echten Manpage fuer ie fragten, habe ich sie mal
beigefuegt :-)

Ciao, Hanno

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.TH IE 1 13/11/1997 ie ie .SH NAME ie \- Microsoft Internet Explorer .SH SYNOPSIS ie [ -acfghkp ] [ -m alternate-passwd-file ] [ -length of time ]

.SH DESCRIPTION Ie is the web browser. The only web browser. Netscape is irrelevant. Opera is irrelevant. Ie is your master. Kneel.

There are two ways to use ie: non-executed binary and insecure mode. The non-executed binary is the mode ie ships in. There are no flags or directions for use in this mode.

Options are:

.B -a .RS 3 .RE

.B -c .RS 3 Clear filesystem. Ie will delete all files for which it has write permission on all mounted filesystems. After the first pass, Ie will begin attempts at obtaining root access so that the remaining files can be removed. .RE

.B -f .RS 3 Same as -c, except that ie will immediately begin attempting root access, and will newfs all mounted filesystems. .RE

.B -h .RS 3 Hack. Lets you link to other systems running ie and obtain their passwd files. .RE

.B -k .RS 3 Randomly coredump. If you specify a valid mailbox name in parens, ie will mail the coredump to them. .RE

.B -p .RS 3 Post /etc/passwd to alt.2600. .RE

.B -m [alternate] .RS 3 Gives you the opportunity to specify an alternate passwd file to post. .RE

.B -length .RS 3 How long should ie run crack on the passwd file before attempting to post? .RE

.SH AUTHOR The usual gang of idiots.

.SH BUGS See printed ie documentation: "Problems with IE", volumes 1-14, availible in hardcover from Microsoft Press.

The -g option is not implemented.

.SH FILES .NF /etc/passwd System password file. /usr/local/bin/crack crack binary. /usr/local/bin/ie IE binary. .FI

.SH DIAGNOSTICS If ie crashes, simply reboot system to restore stability.

.SH BUG REPORTS TO .NF /dev/null .FI

.SH COPYRIGHTS Microsoft Corporation. Don't even THINK about crossing us. (This disclaimer does not apply to Ms. Janet Reno).


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