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Unfortunatly, this response from Adobe is actually translated
as "NO" but we will put another tick on the list to ignore. Unfortunatly,
Frame and then later Adobe ran surveys and discovered that a number
of their customers wanted a port but that they wanted it to be
very inexpensive and so it wasn't considered worth the port.

The other issue was the number of Linux variations which unfortunatly
multiply the support issues. It is already a problem with their
Unix ports which are only 30% of their market COMBINED.

My contacts at Frame have consistently stated that they have
NO plans for a port at this time. On the other hand, this may
be able to change in the future. Perhaps a company such as
Caldera can go in and build the business case.


> Some people showed interest in this, so I thought those of you who missed it
> should read it. This sounds very good, so if you're interested, make sure to
> let them (Adobe) know.
> > He recently Emailed Adobe tech support and customer service
> > online asking if they have ported FrameMaker to Linux.
> >
> > He got a reply from a person (not an autoreply) stating that
> > they had not ported to Linux at this time, but THEY WERE
> >
> > If any of you would benefit from these ports, it might be a
> > worthwhile action to drop them a line from their online
> > customer support form.

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