new LCAS

Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 10:04:44 CEST

ok guys,
this is molle speking :)
my flatrate has died so i communicate to
u via this mailinglist, cuz we have a "free to chill out day"
in germany i thought about a new lcas (u guess ure page admin system)
, i think we should use a new one if we move to another server :),
here are some things i written down for myself tell me things u dont
want in there or if u dislike features
ok here we go:
- Article management system, like the one before but more user/permisson
- Programm stuff, u guess the same than before but more user/permisson
- User Managment, done via htacces with a mysql table or htpasswd file,
  user information are also stored in another table, (age nick ...)
- a Tasks system that everybody could see things other ppl do
- a page bout the Server Status
- Ftp acces to a public downloade dir, and the private home dir.
- a Statistic page, clicks impressions ...
- a simple Message system, that u can leave other bodys messages on the
  server. perhaps some TTS features.
- the outputed pages from Programm and Articles should be builded once
  via templates, and saved than, if u change the template u have to
  "recompile" all articles and Programm pages, but there would be a
  feature to do that.
- Article comments (via the public page) administrated via lcas

ok guys tell me ure opinion, and features ive forgot

and perhaps we should use mod_perl + libhtml mason instead of mod_php4.
i like the idea of doing that, cuz we have some good perl coders in our
organization (like _MAX_).

gimme ya feedback

cya Molle.

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