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Date: Sun Jul 15 2001 - 19:56:43 CEST

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    ok carter has submittet ure first RFC
    feel free to comment or add something
    to this rfc. it an internal rfc for
    pplz who are in ure group.

    This is a RFC (Request For Comment)
    Please submit suggestions and comments regarding the Submission Rules to Carter: email:
    irc: carter in #linux-coding on

    RFC 001a- Submission Rules

    1. The various coding sections are reserved for articles such as tutorials, not
    news or project updates.
    2. Sample source code should not be treated as an article, we will add a new
    section for this.
    3. When posting news for a new project, use lcas to add a project to the
    database. Do not post news regarding it in another section.
    4. Articles posted in the coding sections should be clear and concise. Avoid
    long sections of code or poorly commented code. Always explain what you are

    RFC 001 - Carter
    RFC 001a - dvhart


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