Giscard's Constitutional Scheme

From: Marc-Oliver Pahl (
Date: Sun Oct 27 2002 - 11:27:22 CET

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    Dear all,

    as you know Giscard will present his
    first official proposal tommorrow, Monday, afternoon
    at the start of the Convention plenary.

    Giscard already presented a draft at the last
    Convention Praesidium meeting and at
    The European Council meeting in Brussels last week.

    Giscard made sure that the draft could not get out
    of the meeting rooms.

    But you can get a ver ygood impression of what
    Giscrad will present tommorrow if you read
    his report to the European Concil.

    You can download it from:

    Its available only in FR!

    Giscard seems to be not to far
    away from the Federalist proposals.

    The most critical point is that he has till now not given
    up his idea of having the COM president elected
    by a Congress of MEPs and MPs.

    The point where Giscard is very close to us
    is the proposal of a true refoundation of the Union.
    This means that member states that fail to ratify
    have only two choices:
    They can leave the Union or stay with accepting
    the decision of the others (perhaps with some
    opting out clauses and transitional provosions).

    This means Giscard wants to abolish the veto
    in constitutional affairs!

    We should do everything to support this idea.
    Giscard is already under heavy fire from
    the Euroscpetics and some voices from
    UK, Ireland etc. He desperately needs allies!


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