Federalist News from Berlin

From: Marc-Oliver Pahl (info@mopahl.de)
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 10:10:42 CEST

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    Dear all

    Some federalist News from Germany:

    Yesterday a hearing of civil society took place
    at a joint meeting of the EU affairs comittees of
    Bundestag and Bundesrat.

    Axel Schaefer and me spoke for Europa-Union Deutschland,
    David Addae-Schneider-Mensah spoke for JEF-D.

    We had much more time to present our oppinion
    than in the Convention hearing (around 15 min altogether)
    and as the Europa-Union position is less detailed than the
    UEF position we also had the opportunity to
    speak about some of the innovative UEF ideas.

    The idea of the European Council being a
    representative collective "Head of the Union" was received with
    interest by the MPs. The concept of reforming the Council
    by establishing a single Council responsible for legislation
    and transforming the other Council formations into
    mere preparatory committees was even shared by
    the Convention Vice President, Guliano Amato,
    speaking at the meeting.

    In general all speakers at the Convention and all
    members of Bundestag and Bundesrat present
    were in favour of
    - a election of the Commission president by the EP and
    - the executive functions concentrated at the Commission
    and against
    - any new EU institution involving national parliamentarians
    (except for Constitutional ammendments).

    So the oppinion of the "Europeans" in
    German politics is very federalist!
    The JEF/Europa-Union sponsored
    Parliamentary Forum European Constitution at the Bundestag might
    have helped to come to this consensus.

    Yesterday we also arrived at a rejuvenalisation of Europa-Union Berlin
    with Gerd Wartenberg (SPD), former Berlin Secretary of State
    for EU affairs being elected as new President and Felix Schulz,
    former President of JEF-Berlin beeing elected Director.
    This means that the UEF regional section in the German
    capital will be more dynamic and more federalist than ever before!

    federalist wishes



    Marc-Oliver Pahl

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