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From: Marc-Oliver Pahl (info@mopahl.de)
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 00:37:56 CEST

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Betreff: Green Website on EU Convention set up
Datum: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 18:22:51 +0200
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Dear Green Parties, MPs, EFGP delegates and Webmasters,

The Convention on the Future of Europe is a historic event and opportunity for advancing the project
on the integration of Europe. The only Green's full member in the Convention is MEP Johannes
Voggenhuber from the Austrian Green Party.

In that context a website has been created to serve as an information and communication platform for
the Greens throughout Europe, the Civil Society and the broad public. The objective is to provide
unique openess and up-to date information on the issues within and around the European Convention as
well as a platform for broad discussion.

We not only invite you to have a regular look on this website but would also ask you to create a
link on your own website towards www.europakonvent.info, thus providing an additional service to the
visitors of your site.

We are also happy to receive any critical and constructive comments that would improve the quality
of the www.europakonvent.info site.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

With my best regards

Johannes Voggenhuber

PS: For any further information please contact my collaborators Diana Jung or Gerhard Bordil

European Parliament - room PHS 2C85
rue Wiertz, 1047 Brussels, Belgium
ph: 32 2 284 51 35, fax : 32 2 284 91 35
email : EFGP@europarl.eu.int
http//: www.europeangreens.org

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