New release 1.5 of sysklogd (syslogd and klogd)

From: Martin Schulze <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 12:20:03 +0200

After a lot of development a new version of the system and kernel log
daemons have been released. In the new version 1.5 a lot has been
changed and code has been improved in many locations.

Thanks to all those who have provided patches and bug reports. Below
is the complete list of changes accompanied with names of the
developers who have provided the patches.

The new version is available on the homepage already:

It will soon be available from ibiblio (formally sunsite) as well.

Detailed list of changes:

 . Dmitry V. Levin <>
   - Close file descriptor in FindSymbolFile() in ksym.c in order not to
     leak file descriptors.
 . Solar Designer <>
   - improve crunch_list()
   - Prevent potential buffer overflow in reading messages from the
     kernel log ringbuffer.
   - Ensure that "len" is not placed in a register, and that the
     endtty() signal handler is not installed too early which could
     cause a segmentation fault or worse.
 . Steve Grubb <>
   - fix memory calculation in crunch_list()
 . Martin Schulze <>
   - klogd will reconnect to the logger (mostly syslogd) after it went
   - On heavily loaded system syslog will not spit out error messages
     anymore when recvfrom() results in EAGAIN
   - Makefile improvements
   - Local copy of module.h
   - Improved sysklogd.8
   - Always log with syslogd's timezone and locale
   - Remove trailing newline when forwarding messages
   - Continue working properly if /etc/service is missing and ignore
     network activity
   - Continue writing to log files as soon as space becomes available
     again after a filled up disk
   - Removed test to detect control characters > 0x20 as this prevented
     characters encoded in UTF-8 to be properly passed through
   - Only resolve the local domain when accepting messages from remote
   - Properly accompany the MARK message with the facility
   - Improved daemonise routine in klogd to stabilise startup
   - klogd will not change the console log level anymore unless -c is given
   - Added back /usr/src/linux/ as fall-back location
   - Rewrote the module symbol parser to read from /proc/kallsyms
   - Notify the waiting parent process if the client dies so it doesn't
     wait the entire five minutes.
   - Complete rewrite of the oops kernel module for Linux 2.6
   - Only read kernel symbols from /proc/kallsyms if no has been read
   - Improved symbol lookup
   - Prevent named pipes from becoming the controlling tty
 . Jon Burgess <>
   - Moved the installation of the signal handler up a little bit so it
     guaranteed to be available when the child is forked, hence, fixing a
     race condition. This used to create problems with UML and fast
 . Greg Trounson <>
   - Improved README.linux
 . Ulf Härnhammar <>
   - Boundary check for fscanf() in InitKsyms() and CheckMapVersion()
 . Colin Phipps <>
   - Don't block on the network socket in case of packet loss
 . Dirk Mueller <>
   - Don't crash when filesize limit is reached (e.g. without LFS)
 . Miquel van Smoorenburg <>
   - Fix spurious hanging syslogd in connection with futex and NPTL
     introduced in recent glibc versions and Linux 2.6
 . Eric Tucker <>
   - Improved syslog.conf(5) manpage
 . Mike Frysinger <>
   - use socklen_t where appropriate
 . Kelledin <>
   - use newer query_module function rather than stepping through /dev/kmem.
 . Matthew Fischer <>
   - Remove special treatment of the percent sign in klogd



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