New CGI Library Release 0.6

From: Martin Schulze <>
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 16:55:18 +0200


After several years without updates today the new version 0.6 of
cgilib, the lightweight CGI library, has been released. This version
comprises new support for uploading files and supports
multipart/form-data as content encoding.

This version is also the first to support the semicolon as field
separator in URLs in addition to the classic ampersand as seen in
several modern web applications. Support for C++ has also been
improved and should fully work now.

The detailed changelog is

Version 0.6, 2008/04/06

 . Support for ';'as delimiter
 . Properly return NULL when no value was found
 . Support for multipart/form-data
 . Support for file upload
 . Added support for inclusion into C++
 . Declare some arguments const (Neil Spring)
 . Decode variable names and data

Please find the new version in the download directory of the projects
homepage at <>.



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