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From: Zacharias Gudger <info_at_alenadikunenko.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2018 13:45:35 +0000

Hi.. .


This email is not going to take a lot of time, therefore direct to the condition. I acquired a footage of you fighting the purple helmet warrior while at the pornweb site you're been to, because of a terrific arse software I've been able to put on a few internet sites with that type of material.

You hit play and all cams and a mic start working it also saves every damn detail from your pc, just like contact information, security passwords or crap like dat, guess where i have this email from?) And so now we all know who i am going to send out that to, in case you aren't planning to settle down this with me.

I will put a account wallet address down below so that you can hit me 340 dollars within 2 days max through btc. See, it's not that huge of a total to cover, guess that tends to make me not that terrible of a guy.

You're welcome to complete whatever the shit you wish to, however if i won't find the total within the period of time mentioned over, well... you already know what will occur.

So it is your choice now. Now i'm not going to go through all the details and stuff, just simply ain't got precious time for this as well as you probably know that world-wide-web is loaded with mail similar to this, so it is as well your final choice to trust in this or not, there is certainly just one way to find out.

The following is my bitcoin wallet address- 15SncxjaA3KdvkuFvDad8gtdQbHvGY1bns

Enjoy yourself and bear in mind that clock is ticking)
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