Re: SnowCamp 2019: 21-24 february?

From: Dominik George <>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2018 12:04:21 +0100


> > Does anybody know on any other event or reason why these dates would be
> > a problem?
> It might be a bit blunt to ask but: Was it possible to use the weekend
> before that date, or, preferably, one later?
> Rationale: Full freeze for buster is scheduled for March 12th, making
> March 2nd-ish the last day for a hassle-free upload, making the last
> weekend before (Feb 22-24, your SnowCamp proposal), a perfect candidate
> for a bug-squashing party. While of course SnowCamp could be declared a
> BSP, I expect that would make the event a bit more stressy. Also,
> someone(tm) - in Bcc, they should speak up for themselves - already has
> plans to do a BSP on that very weekend but cannot move to an earlier
> date for various reasons (venue not available, carnival, Fosdem). Of
> course such a collision is something to avoid.

That's me ;).

The background is that we have been planning a BSP in Bonn for quite some
time, and the idea is to have it close right between the soft and hard
freeze dates to make it a very effective RC bug squashing party.

The venue is occupied on the only other possible date (carnival is not a
possible date in the Cologne area ;)), and I am also aunavailable because I
organise the other event as well, but have no influence whatsoever on the

I used the Karlsruhe BSP tp raise the topic of an RC BSP in Bonn and got
very positive feedback, and only now did the collision occur to me.

So, if we can arrange something… that would be very great ☺!

Ha det,

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