Re: SnowCamp 2019: 21-24 february?

From: Christoph Biedl <>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2018 08:42:57 +0100

Elena ``of Valhalla'' wrote...

> We want to repeat the same experience this year and it's time to decide
> the dates: I was thinking 21-24 february (the same distance from FOSDEM
> as last year, to have time to recover from FosdemFlu).

Yay for having another SnowCamp!

> Does anybody know on any other event or reason why these dates would be
> a problem?

It might be a bit blunt to ask but: Was it possible to use the weekend
before that date, or, preferably, one later?

Rationale: Full freeze for buster is scheduled for March 12th, making
March 2nd-ish the last day for a hassle-free upload, making the last
weekend before (Feb 22-24, your SnowCamp proposal), a perfect candidate
for a bug-squashing party. While of course SnowCamp could be declared a
BSP, I expect that would make the event a bit more stressy. Also,
someone(tm) - in Bcc, they should speak up for themselves - already has
plans to do a BSP on that very weekend but cannot move to an earlier
date for various reasons (venue not available, carnival, Fosdem). Of
course such a collision is something to avoid.

And I'd like to go to both events :=)

The following weekend (Feb 28th - Mar 3rd) certainly was the better
choice: Relaxing after the weeks of the RC bugs race, welcoming the
post-freeze fatigue. But I assume prices in March are a bit higher at
the venue?


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