Debian grant for Chris Hofstader at FOSDEM?

From: W. Martin Borgert <>
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2015 21:35:48 +0100

On 2015-11-14 16:44, MENGUAL Jean-Philippe wrote:
> I think that hearing an expert about the stuff would be interesting. Chris
> Hofstader is member of FSF, he worked for company which develops the most
> famous screen reader (Jaws), and knows fine accessibility for blind people,
> what is to be done from a dev point of view, etc.
> Hence my idea to invite him at next FOSDEM, to get involved in Distro and
> Desktops devrooms.

debian-events-eu_at_l.d.o is probably not the right list for a "+1",
therefore I omit it here.

> He accepted to come, but needs to have his travel covered. Could Debian do
> this? He's from USA, so I think it would cost about 2000E. Would it be
> possible? What's the process or who's the contact to do this, so that I put
> him/her in our future mail exchanges if Debian accepts this?

Maybe (Neil McGovern, CCed) is the right one to ask
whether Debian could at least share travel expenses with FSF?
Not sure, but worth a try!


PS: For German speakers, there is an interesting interview with him:
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