Re: creativity contests at exhibitions

From: Alexander Reichle-Schmehl <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 11:43:03 +0200


martin f krafft schrieb:
>> Galileo Press offered us (as in "the Debian team") to provide some
>> samples of their latest book on Debian [1] to be used on
>> exhibitions, e.g. for doing something like a lottery. I was
>> thinking about accepting that offer for FrOSCon and doing some
>> sort of creativity contest.
> Or do something entirely different, ask people to give a 60 second
> presentation of a contribution they made and let the audience vote.
> Repeat every year from then on. By next year there'll also be books
> of mine available if you want it.

While I fail to come up with a better idea, I think an event, where
visitors can participate and do something during the conference would be
a better idea. A lot of visitors of the froscon don't contributed to
Debian directly, so such a kind of events would exclude a major part of
the visitors.

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