Re: Debian at the LinuxTag 2009 in Berlin

From: David <>
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 05:06:16 +0200


I don't get free from my boss the week when June 24 is, so I definitely
cannot come to Berlin, neither as helper nor as visitor.

Leider bekomme ich in der betreffenden Woche keinen Urlaub, daher kann
ich nicht nach Berlin kommen, weder als Helfer noch als Besucher.

David Mo"rike

Alexander Wirt schrieb:
> Hi folks,
> as promised earlier some mail about Debians attendance at the LinuxTag 2009.
> I volounteered to organise the booth this year, but of course I can't run the
> booth on my own. So I need help - your help!
> What do we need:
> * in the first place we need booth personal, so if you attend Linuxtag
> please help us. There is a wiki page [1] you can use for subscribing as a
> booth member. We should also get some free tickets for booth personal.
> * CDs? I'm not sure if we want cds this year, but if we want we need some
> money. So if somebody wants to sponsor CDs, please get in touch with me.
> * Everything I forgot.
> If you have any ideas, please attach them to this thread.
> We decided that we organize this years booth together with the
> Siduxdistribution, there will also a meeting together with some Sidux people
> to talk about some problems and misunderstandings Debian and Sidux have. If
> you want to attend to the meeting please drop me a mail.
> Thats all for now.
> Alex

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