LVEE-2009 - First call for papers

From: Vlad Shakhov <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 00:02:13 +0300


[ formal announce start ]
The 5th International conference of developers and users of free / open source
software “Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe” (LVEE 2009) will take place
on July 02-05 near Grodno (Belarus). The event combines both communication and
rest of the enthusiasts of free software, including GNU/Linux platform, but not
limited to it.

LVEE 2009 is organized by Minsk Linux Users Group with support of the
open source community active members from Grodno and Brest.

Recommended Conference languages are Russian, Belarusian and English.

Participation requests submission deadline is June, 12.
Abstracts submission deadline is May, 24.

Conference format includes reports, workshops, and round tables. Speakers will
 be provided with a conference hall, a projector and sound.

The “Himik” tourist camp near Grodno, Belarus was once again chosen as a place
of the Conference.

Please visit the website to find additional information
and to register as a participant or as a speaker of the Conference.
[ end of formal announce ]

At LVEE-2008 we maked the strong Debian workshop at the prime-time,
covered the Debian-Installer adoption for enterprise solutions,
state of Belarussian translation for d-i, and non-trivial use-cases
for Debian source archive.

Debian is the leading Linux distribution in Belarus FOSS community
and will be good to have the good project presentation on LVEE-2009.

With best regards, Vlad 'mend0za' Shakhov. xmpp:

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