Re: using Debian money to buy and handle booth stuff (Re: Disappointment about the appearance of our CLT booth)

From: Holger Levsen <>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 17:20:22 +0100


yeah, Linuxtag is the next event. If there will be a Debian booth is an open
question atm... :-/

On Montag, 23. März 2009, Michael Banck wrote:
> So I guess it is a matter of finding sponsors and pointing a CD/DVD
> printer company to the .iso, plus see about shipping.

sponsors or we could even pay for them on our own.

> Even though a beamer is high on the list for about every event we have,
> I am not convinced it's really necessary.
[3 more paragraphs about why a beamer is not really useful atm]

I wrote "banner", not "beamer" :-)

> There are ideas floating around (a customized BB, a rolling OOo
> presentation, the d-i babelbox), but nothing which is fire-and-forget
> for booth personell right now.

babelbox is actually in a state where its fire and forget.

> As Andreas said, we need a good Lenny poster.

I think a(nother) poster which will not be outdated with squeeze would also be
useful :-)

But you didnt even touch my main question: what do you think of Debian
spending 5000 USD (out of >100K it has) for helping preparing booths for the
next 2 years? (I assume in 2 years the box needs to be updated and we have
spent all money, ie. if we assume 5000 USD I would take 3-3.5k to buy stuff
for the box, and the rest to send the box around europe.)


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