Re: Disappointment about the appearance of our CLT booth

From: Ferdi Thommes <>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 13:58:18 +0100

Am Monday 23 March 2009 13:44:01 schrieb Andreas Tille:
> On Mon, 23 Mar 2009, Ferdi Thommes wrote:
> > I do this for 2 reasons:
> > - sidux is debian
> > - I am trying to create a better relationship between the 2 projects
> > (have not made much progress as far as relationship goes)
> That's a shame and I would really like to talk about this. At least next
> years CLT should be used for this. I'd suggest a meeting after official
> part has closed to hav enough time for this.

I second that idea and will bring it up for LinuxTag

> > Does anybody have a problem with neighbouring booths or my reasoning?
> Nothing against neighbouring booths. I'm not sure whether I really agree
> about "sidux is debian" (IMHO ist is s/ is / uses /) - but perhaps this
> should be discussed somewhere else than in this thread.

agreed, and not that important as its just a matter of definition.
I am in favour of discussing this anytime though :)
> > Let me phrase some possible problems that might have been created by
> > sidux. Someone mentioned that we had more than the 4 booth staff granted
> > by Orga. (I never understood this as a limit but only as a limit to how
> > many staff will have all the benefits like no entrance fee, free food...)
> > Yes, all in all we were 11. sidux e. V. (german equivalent to a
> > foundation) organises these events and gives members the chance to be
> > part of the project.
> I see no problems in having more Sidux people on the booth. I admit
> sometimes it was crowded - but I would not call it "problem that might have
> been created by sidux".

the situation could possibly be avoided by the mentioned planning ahead
> > As a result i would like to propose for sidux and debian to talk before
> > conventions (here on the list or on about the projets plans
> > for their booth to have a better experience for the user. They are who we
> > do it for.
> I'm in favour of this.
fine :)
> Kind regards
> Andreas.
> --

Ferdi Thommes
sidux e.V.
we are sidux - resistance is futile - you will be assimilated

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