Re: Disappointment about the appearance of our CLT booth

From: Michael Mohn <>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 14:00:33 +0100

Am 22.03.2009 um 09:34 schrieb Andreas Tille:

> Hi,
> as the person who became responsible for the booth 5 days ago
> before the event started I feel obliged to answer here. At first
> I admit I see your point and I admit that it might not have been
> the best presence of Debian at a booth. The reasons split up
> into four parts.

there were only 5 days pre-flight? why? is such an event not sheduled
at least a year before it takes place?
thats hard.

> 1. Stuffing the booth with projector and posters.

> 2. Stuffing the booth with T-Shirts and other fan stuff

> 3. Attention to visitors.

> 4. Handing over CDs/DVDs

> In short: The Debian project did not made the best job at CLT his
> year but I wonder whether it is rectified to only blame the
> booth people for this. And we should think twice whether we
> should really try to copy "professional booth" behaviour for
> events like this.

i think it is not about copying everything. but instead everyone
should learn their part. it's all about communication. and a
communication friendly environment.

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