Re: Disappointment about the appearance of our CLT booth

From: Jan Wagner <>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 11:38:39 +0100

Hi Andreas,

On Sunday 22 March 2009, Andreas Tille wrote:
> 2. Stuffing the booth with T-Shirts and other fan stuff
>   Well, there was no such stuff.  I could say: Well this was not
>   my fault - people from Cebit failed to send stuff to Chemnitz,
>   (see above) other people who usually carry the stuff did not
>   attend.  All people maintaining the booth were traveling by train.

thats not completely, I was traveling by car, but the timeframe to organize
sending stuff to me was too short, when the problem with stuff pops up. So in
the end, the problem was still present.

>   Thinking twice about the lack of T-Shirts and Co. compared to
>   the lack of a projector I started wondering whether the main
>   feature of a booth are really T-Shirts and stuff. You can buy
>   this at several places for the same price with much larger
>   collections and you are even served by professional sellers.
>   I admit - I'm not a professional seller of T-Shirts and other
>   things - I'm a computer expert.
>   If you ask me - I would stop selling stuff at a booth at
>   all - so the situation was not intended, but after all I
>   liked it.  And yes, I know that this is one feature visitors
>   expect from a booth - but isn't Debian something that gives
>   you *more* than you expect?  We even provide knowledge and
>   real help at the booth (now coming to the next point).

I think users want to express their connection to our project. Selling
posters/stickers/t-shirt (to get money) should not be the target, but serving
our users/contributers some ways to express themself, should be a good reason
to offer such things.

Just my 2 EUR-Cent, Jan.

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