FOSDEM updates

From: Wouter Verhelst <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 13:20:06 +0100

Hi all,

If you'll go to the FOSDEM website, you'll notice that the schedule has
gone up. You'll also notice that there are a few minor differences
between what's up there and what I posted to this mailinglist earlier:

- First, the entire saturday schedule has been postponed by an hour. The
  reason for this is that the ULB had first communicated that they would
  be able to open the room 'the entire day, if wanted', but that when
  they sent the actual hours they wanted the room to be opened, it
  turned out that they forgot about that promise and couldn't open the
  room before 13:00. So that's that.
- Second, at Martin Michlmayr's request, his talk and the one following
  by Luca Capello have been swapped; so Martin is now talking at 17:00
  rather than 15:00, and Luca is talking at 16:00 rather than 15:30.
- One change that's coming up is that the first talk on sunday morning
  will start 15 minutes later, in order to allow the video team to get
  all set up. I had completely and utterly forgotten about that, and
  it's not as if the video team are a bunch of magicians who can make
  the cameras and stuff appear in a split second.
- Finally, the room we've been allocated has been changed. No worries,
  that's good news; we get room AW1.121 with a capacity of 81 people,
  rather than AW1.125 (the one we received last year) with 76 seats.
  It's not much, but it /is/ a capacity increase.

There's also an error on the schedule in that Steve McIntyre's talk has
somehow been moved from saturday to sunday. I'm poking the responsible
people now to get that settled.


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