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From: Martin Wuertele (
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 16:55:40 CEST

Hi Gerfried!

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

> * Martin Wuertele <> [2002-05-29 09:37]:
> > Since Gordon replied he ain't got an RS 6000 I still can offer to bring
> > an SGI Indy R4400. Tough I need some help to carry the 21" Monitor.
> Where from? Should be possible, I can try to arrange that through the
> orga-list.

3rd district (Barmherzigengasse 17)

> > There is no Debian on it so far (didn't have time) but there is an empty
> > 2.1 gig disk waiting for install ;-)
> Would be nice if you can do that on a pre-event basis. In
> (IRCNet) there is someone with an Indy who might be able to help you
> (forgot who it was, Getty? ij? -- someone remembering it please update
> on that info).

Already managed to get create the volume header, partition and copy the
tftpboot.img on the disk, booting works however it looks like the nic is
broken. I have a parallel port cable ~3m which I'll use togeather with a
CD-Rom for further setup. I'll also ask on irc for help.

> So currently offered hardware is:
> m68k-machine by Martin Baer
> indy by Martin Wuertele
> rs6000/550 by
> i386 notebook by me
   i386 notebook by Martin Wuertele ;-)

> I hope that the people can preinstall the machines. More machines would
> be too much for the booth I guess.

My notebook runs fine with a Woody/Sid mix.

> [PGI-Disks]
> > Disk space is not a problem for me and I'd like to help. PGI is on it's
> > way to my harddisk by now. What packages should go on the disk? Is the
> > LT disk sufficient (I will download the iso today)?
> I have build installer-only images, those are 97M of size. I guess you
> have to take at least that amount of packages off the LT-disk to get it
> running. But I guess the LT-disk should offer a good basis. Could you
> shortcut with Joerg about the build-process? Thanks.
OK, I'll contact him tomorrow.

yours Martin

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