Re: Proposed shifts for LinuxTag

From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 19:29:09 CEST

Michael Holzt wrote:
> > Well, we discussed the developer/visitor-ratio problem some while ago
> > and I proposed that we shall create a shift-plan to get rid of this
> > problem
> As the empty part of the hall is right behind our booth as joey told,
> the developers which are actually not on shift could probably stay
> there and do work etc. and if needed help on the booth if the people
> on shift are flooded with visitors...

Please check

for reference

> Will we have some tables and chairs for the empty space? I think there
> is absolutely a need for such a place to be able to stay when not having
> shift.

I can't provide any more chairs and tables than the ones that are
used for the booths. I'm awfully sorry, I'd really like to.



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