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Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 04:02:00 CEST

Falk Siemonsmeier wrote:
> Hy,
> together with Joey I planed a release Party or a developer Party
> for developers and helper in North Germany. Its in Minden
> Westfalen. There are also sometime lan-partys, so you can find
> infos over the location at
> The page from the location uses shockwave so its difficoult to
> use it. Joey wants to set a page in the Web that we need for
> organisation. I mean, we need drinking and eating for everybody.
> >From my firefighting brigade I can get a big barbecue.

Thanks Falky!

a) Some of you may have noticed that I got rather pissed after I found
out that registrating for DebConf requiers the use of some non-free,
proprietary software running on some hosts under some
non-free operating system and stuff.

b) You may have also noticed that we (mostly Erik Tews) managed to get
a private frontend for LTP up and running which helps us organizing

In order to prevent further instances of a) I'll plan to set up a
public registration suite which will reuse some of the code we
developed for b). The code is publically available, and now that I
write these lines, I recall that it lacks a copyright file, but it's
GPL, of course.

Anyway, I plan to work on it after LinuxTag so it'll be ready for the
Release Party and probably for the next DebConf as well. If somebody
would like to help implementing and planning, please drop me a line at
the end of July.

I also need to discuss things with HoserHead and Falky to find out
what kind of information they need to gather from such a frontend.

> We get the 10. and 11. of August for that. So we can beginn about
> noon on the 10. Then in the Afternoon we can open there for
> people who are intrested in linux and debian to show them the
> system, and at the evening we can beginn with the Party.

I hope, you're going to announce it properly in the Minden area, so
that several people will actually lurk around and see what Free
Software, Debian and GNU/Linux can provide for them. I guess that
several people will take their laptop with them anyway, it could
actually be of some use. :-)

> We need to know who is intresting in that, so that we can
> calculate what we need, and what everybody must pay. The money is
> only for the thinks we need at the evening.

I plan to organize a poster for LinuxTag covering this party. That
poster should be placed on the wall of the booth somewhere (Thimo,
please note this). I don't know what it will look like, but I'm sure
it'll be nice. The artist provided some amazing graphics before.
He'll be in touch with Falky and me, probably.

> What do you mean about this?

I'm happy, we're finally up for such a party. Oh, and I wonder if
Woody will be released at that time. :-)



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