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From: Falk Siemonsmeier (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 19:34:38 CEST

together with Joey I planed a release Party or a developer Party
for developers and helper in North Germany. Its in Minden
Westfalen. There are also sometime lan-partys, so you can find
infos over the location at
The page from the location uses shockwave so its difficoult to
use it. Joey wants to set a page in the Web that we need for
organisation. I mean, we need drinking and eating for everybody.
From my firefighting brigade I can get a big barbecue.

We get the 10. and 11. of August for that. So we can beginn about
noon on the 10. Then in the Afternoon we can open there for
people who are intrested in linux and debian to show them the
system, and at the evening we can beginn with the Party.

We need to know who is intresting in that, so that we can
calculate what we need, and what everybody must pay. The money is
only for the thinks we need at the evening.

What do you mean about this?


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