Re: Flyer problems again

From: Michael Holzt (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 13:01:04 CEST

> it seems that the only print shop I found that easily can print all the
> flyers until Wednesday cannot really use our pdf/ps files.

You should probably take an look onto, a digital
print shop in Berlin. I made business with them in the past, and they
are ok.

And they should definitely be able to handle our PDFs, although they
recommend CYMK as well. But as we have no photos in the flyer, i guess
we can live with the danger of slight color shifts made by the
RGB->CYMK conversion.

They have both standard prices and specials. The prices for standard are:

        A4 4/4 color
        1000pcs EUR 255,- + 16%
         1500pcs EUR 280,- + 16%
        2000pcs EUR 300,- + 16%

But we could probably even go with the Specials price. The Xpress
option would demand that we order and deliver the data till Friday
12:00, and it would be printed on wednesday. This is a little bit
late, but they offer to send it by express, and it could be at the
linuxtag early on Thursday.

But i guess this also means, that the (higher) standard prices can
be printed even faster than this. However the special prices are:

        A4 4/4 color
        1000pcs EUR 175,- + 16%
        2000pcs EUR 205,- + 16%


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