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From: Gerfried Fuchs (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 11:44:51 CEST

* Gerfried Fuchs <> [2002-05-29 08:19]:
> Gordon offered to bring a rs6000 with him,

 Uhm, this seem to have been a very big misunderstanding, it wasn't
Gordon. Somehow I seem to have puzzled something. I *do* still remember
talking to someone who seems to have offered an rs6000 for the booth.
Can that person kindly get back to me to unpuzzle my mind? If not,
well, we won't have that cool hardware *shrugs*

 Speaking about hardware, I can only bring my own compaq laptop with me
(and will). One or two other machines would be neat. I can bring a
lcd-display which can be 90° rotated and it would be great if one could
bring a machine for that with a graphics card that can have rotated
output (at least the mga driver supports that). antifuchs might help
there but he can't join at the linuxwochen so it would be better to have
someone with his own machine there.

 So long,

"...die Usenet-Ethik-Kommission ist seltsamerweise immer nur dann zur
Stelle, wenn sich jemand erdreistet, eine unumfassende
nichtkuschelweiche Antwort zu geben, die eine geringfügige (geistige)
Mitarbeit des lesers erfordert..." ghw/19.2.00/at.usenet.sonstiges

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