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From: Martin Wuertele (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 09:37:17 CEST

Hi Alfie!

Gerfried Fuchs schrieb am Mittwoch, den 29. Mai 2002:

> There is still much work to do for that. For the booth the following
> people have raised their hands to let me know about their help:
> who | when
> X Gordon Fraser | ?
> Martin F. Krafft | ?
> X Christoph Siess | ?
> X and me | Fri-Sun
     Martin Würtele | Fri-Sun (Vienna)

> Gordon offered to bring a rs6000 with him, has someone experience with
> such a system? There is no Debian on it (yet), maybe it would be a
> chance for Debian GNU/NetBSD, have to talk with the *BSD team if they
> think it is possible to get it running. Any other ideas about that
> system would be a great help. Both Gordon and me are out of knowledge
> when it comes to that system. I don't even know if its supported for
> linux and what architecture that would be. Still a hardware DAU.

Since Gordon replied he ain't got an RS 6000 I still can offer to bring
an SGI Indy R4400. Tough I need some help to carry the 21" Monitor.
There is no Debian on it so far (didn't have time) but there is an empty
2.1 gig disk waiting for install ;-)

> Personally I would like to do the install party with a PGI disk -
> unfortunately I don't have the diskspace to do any other like a
> --installer-only image. If someone could help me there it would be
> great. We will have net access but it would be better if the most needed
> apps could be on the CD anyway. Would also speed things up.
> Time for someone else jumping in and raising their voice. I hope this
> mail won't get lost between the other metaphilosophical discussions
> currently going on the list.
Disk space is not a problem for me and I'd like to help. PGI is on it's
way to my harddisk by now. What packages should go on the disk? Is the
LT disk sufficient (I will download the iso today)?

Lg Martin

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