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Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 19:11:29 CEST


that's my first draft of the shifts. I only assigned shifts to people
with a "x" on:

minus Roland Rosenfeld who, IIRC, has to do stuff for his employer
(please correct my if I remember wrong!). Matthias Walliczek and Hilko
Bengen wrote me a private mail to offer their help.

Rune B. Broberg, Russell Coker: You are marked as wanting to work at
the booth. I wasn't sure if you'd really like to be asked a lot of
questions in a probably foreign language ;-) Thus, I haven't assigned
any shift to you both. But you may, of course, get some. I don't know
how many

I've had the following scheme in mind: as I expect most of the
visitors after lunch, I've put 3 persons in a shift between 13 and 15,
two otherwise. Does this sound reasonable? Maybe on Thursday two will
suffice as well. The second criteria I used was that anybody should
get an early, middle and late shift. The more additional helpers we
get, the less bad shifts we all get ;-) Also, if you want to work at
the booth and you're not mentioned in the shifts yet, please drop me a

Thursday and Friday are somehow completely planned, please write me
(and/or the list) if you got a shift you can't work on. I've tried to
avoid clashes but got a bit confused by the several lists and webpages
I had to consult...

I'll most certainly recalibrate the scheme in the first evenings, so
stay tuned/read your mails :)


daily schedule / shows:

something like this????

12:00 Russell Coker: SE Linux/Debian
13:00 Jörg Jaspert: The installation of Debian (with visitors)
14:00 Thimo Neubauer: Debian on Laptops
15:00 Michael Bramer: The Package-Managment

_absolutely_ unplanned yet :-(

Building the booth on Wednesday:

(when does it start?)

Andreas Tille evening
Jörg Jaspert
Michael Bramer
Michael Meskes
Noël Köthe
Roland Rosenfeld 21:00
Thimo Neubauer could start at 18:00
Alexander Schmehl (?)

Thursday 6.

9 - 11 Thimo Neubauer
          Jörg Jaspert

11 - 13 Alexander Schmehl
          Andreas Fuchs

13 - 15 Matthias Walliczek
          Jörg Jaspert

15 - 18 Norbert Tretkowski
          Andreas Tille

Friday 7. (aka DebianDay)

9 - 11 Andreas Fuchs
          Andreas Müller

11 - 13 Arne Wichmann
          Michael Holzt

13 - 15 Andreas Tille
          Norbert Tretkowski
          Hilko Bengen

15 - 18 Thimo Neubauer
          Alexander Neumann

Saturday 8.

9 - 11 Andreas Tille
          Jörg Jaspert

11 - 13 Christoph Baumann

13 - 15 Hilko Bengen
          Thimo Neubauer

15 - 18 Andreas Müller
          Matthias Walliczek

Sunday 9.

9 - 11 Matthias Walliczek

11 - 13 Jörg Jaspert
          Christoph Baumann

13 - 16 Eduard Bloch
          Michael Holzt

available for emergencies:

Roland Rosenfeld

Thimo Neubauer <>
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 frozen! See for details

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