Re: Stop discussing, Start working :-)

From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Mon May 27 2002 - 23:14:18 CEST

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Michael Bramer <> writes:
> >> -enthält zur Zeit über 4000 Pakete %mit Werkzeugen und Anwendungen
> >> +enthält zur Zeit über 9500 Pakete %mit Werkzeugen und Anwendungen
> >> , die von 1000 Entwicklern betreut werden.
> > maybe we should make this better. IMHO woody has >4000 _source_ packages
> > and >9000 _binary_ packages. Better we use the source package number.
> Better use the binary number, that is what a user sees. A user dont
> cares about multiple binary packages built from one source. He just
> counts the binary packages :)

But it's unfair, one jboss source pkg versus 25 binary pkg's, one
webmin source pkg versus 20 binary packages etc. One glibc versus
15 binary pkg's etc. Other distributions don't split it that much,
so it won't be comparable. Not that it has to, but it would be
a nice feature. :-)



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