Re: Debian Flyer

From: Michael Holzt (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 14:39:13 CEST

> > 3. we try to make the flyer from Davide ready
> > 4. someone will make a flyer with pure free software

> I believe that, for this LinuxTag exhibition, 3 and 4 are not possible
> due to no time for discussing design, phrasing, impact and corrections.

I beg to differ. Although nine days sound awfully short, this is really
more than enough time to do it. The print design can surely be done over
the weekend.

Lets assume we can do this, the more important questions are: Which
print shop, and who pays for the printing? With a little search i'm
sure you can find a print shop which can do the printing in 3-5 days.

If we have the designs ready on monday, the prints could be finished
on friday. Been there, done that - 1999. Linuxtag does not start
before the following week Thursday.

Hell, it would be even early enough if the print is finished on Tuesday
of that Week. There is lot of time to get the flyer done. It would
help though, if we choose a print shop where someone from us lives in
the near, so he can collect the prints himself and bring it to the

If we find out what kind of print we want (4 color, 1 color) e.g. i can
ask for quotes at a handful of print shops in my near. I know some via
my employer.

Please don't give up too early. The flyer can be done, really.


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