Re: Debian Flyer

From: Michael Holzt (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 14:26:52 CEST

> Well, if the Debian swirl has a slightly different red than on the
> webpage, I guess we could live with that *for this specific application*

Yes, granted. I'm absolutely happy if someone with enough free time on
his hands manages to produce a flyer with free software in time. I
didn't wanted to damn the use of gimp+latex _for this specific

But it really upsets me when people starts denying the reality. We all
need to accept that there are still application fields where linux is
not the tool of choice. Yes, the reality may hurt. Joey stated 'you
can create high quality [...] with gimp and latex'. I object to this.

You can create really decent quality with it, and this of course would
be enough for our flyer, but high quality can still be achived only
with software which is - hopefully not for ever - only available for
windows and mac and is non-free.

The world is not entirely white or black. Most of us do some sort of
non-free work for living which allows us to dedicate some time of our
live for the free software movement. So the obviously bad part (the
non-free work) "sponsors" the good part (the dedication to debian).

Same goes for the flyer. Although it is possible to create a flyer in
good enough quality for our project with free-software, it does not
seem like we will reach this goal this time. But even a bad part
(here: a flyer designed with non-free software) will support the good
part (spreading the word about debian at the linuxtag).

Sometimes you just need to accept compromises. This seems to be a
challenge for a few of us.

So if someone manages to finish a flyer with free software on time -
go for it. But let me warn that there are many pitfalls, considering
the short time left.

It has to be right on the first try, and using RGB tools is error prone.
Even professionals who know what the common problems are, can fail when
forced to use RGB tools. Doing a print work right needs a lot of

Our flyer doesn't need to be perfect, but i've seen print jobs at work
failed blatantly, resulting in a quality / product even _we_ (the
paticipiants of the booth) would not accept for the linuxtag.


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